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Blue Mountain Rentals

Serving the Greater Walla Walla area communities of - SE Washington and NE Oregon. Offering low cost Housing Search (Locator) and Promotional Listing Services.

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Enhance your listing!


Customize and enhance your listing. Many options available. If you don't see an idea you're thinking of, feel free to send an email telling us what you'd like to enhance your ad with. We would be happy to customize a marketing plan tailored for you.


Email or phone 509-240-3325 to add any of these options





Add Photos -


Maximum of 10 photos total for each rental listing. Suggested photos include

1 or 2 of the outside, several of the inside. Be sure to include special features!




Each extra photo is $1 per wk.






Add Walking Tour Video via YouTube

     on Blue Mountain Rentals Playlist -


If you have a video of the interior of your property, or would like us to come out and film one, we will upload and add a link for an interior walk through tour of your property. Average video run time is 1 1/2 to 4 min. depending on size of your home. A music background will be added upon upload to our YouTube channel.



Video link is billed at $5 per wk.




 Add extra words -


While we are flexible on your original listing to up to about 60 words of description, sometimes you just need a little more, to get all the special features and benefits listed.


You are welcome to add additional text in 25 word increments to a maximum 150 words per rental listing. We only count the words in the description section.  


$2 per week for each 25 word addition.




Add Paid advertising Exposure - Online or Print Ads -


      Billed what we are charged plus only a little more to cover time to publish for you.

Buyline online listing ( -


Billed per week. Additional online ad presence on a website that many visit for local rental listings. 


This option is automatically included in the Featured Ad package.


If your listing starts with photos, they are included automatically up to the max allowed in your contract or a maximum of 10. Billed at $5 per week only.




Union Bulletin - 3 lines of text for 3 days in print plus a full week online -


Even in todays age of technology, renters turn to print classifieds for their rental search. An ad specific to your rental will be placed in print Sunday, Tuesday and Friday (the highest readership days) plus a full week online. Specific days run will be based upon Union Bulletin ad deadlines. Billed per week only. No early cancellations. No photos for this option. -  $30 per week only.




Tidbits of the Blue Mountains -

Free Weekly newspaper that is distributed by local area businesses. An ad specific to your rental property will be placed in print for 1 week and it will also appear online. No early cancellations. No photos for this option. Billed per week only at $10 per week only.


Add QR Code for basic & regular ads for $1 per week.


Allows those with smartphones and the QR Code reader app to take your listing on the go while they are house hunting.



Basic (10x24) FOR RENT sign  $1 per week.

Durable corrugated plastic sign affixed with your phone number and placed at your property location. Viewable from both sides. Perfect if you do not already have a for rent sign to use. Much better than the generic signs as these come with a wire stand for easy yard placement.











SMALL SIGNS (12x18) $2 per week

2 sided, durable corrugated plastic sign to placed in the front of the rental property, viewable from both directions, so people know your unit is for rent.


The 12x18 yard signs are included with your "Featured" ad - Your choice of style!.






LARGE SIGNS (18x27) - $5 per week

Single side for frontal placement or Double sided for sideways placement at the front of your rental property, viewable from both directions, so people know your unit is for rent. Constructed of durable corrugated plastic to withstand the elements.




Each sign clearly shows the Blue Mountain Rentals website address and phone number to direct prospective renters to the listing details. Renters are able to view full details before they make contact, so you know they are interested in the rental property.










TAKE ONE Flyer Box - $5 per week

Letter size brochure flyer box with separate compartment inside for business cards. Can be attached to stake, pole, tree or fence with zip ties or string. Can be attached to brick buildings with special hooks. Make sure those who window shop can pick up the details for your rental while they are out touring properties.











Property Flyers- Individual listing flyer for your property. Hand out or place on site:

$5 Property Flyers (25 per week) You pick up

$12 Property Flyers (25 per week) We deliver


On-site property consultation, photo shoot & rental market analysis in person - $20/hr.


Each consultation is based upon your needs and may not include a photo shoot.


Photos are taken with a Nikon J1 camera and we do have a Fisheye lens.


This is an opportunity to meet face to face and discuss various options of marketing your property to its full potential at the lowest cost to save you time and money.


Scheduled evenings or weekends at a mutually agreeable meeting time. 


Billed per meeting - at $20/hr. ($5 per 15 minute minimum).  

Blue Mountain Rentals - Helping Landlords & Renters Click!



Email  to add any of these options