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“A place so nice they named it twice,”
is what people say of the historic city of Walla Walla
In July of 2011, Walla Walla was named the friendliest city in America
according to Rand McNally. Read the article from USA Today


What made it stand out:
While the Walla Walla area is famous for its sweet onions and growing wine industry, those are not the only notable points of interest.
"You can ride your bike around the entire city in the morning, see kids at the BMX park in the afternoon and see a musical under the stars in the evening," they say. "It seemed everyone was involved and loved their city, from wine growers and politicians to cleanup crews. This is a happy town which made for friendly people."
No matter what you're looking for in Greater Walla Walla the links below may be helpful to you.


Do you need a rental that allow horses or have pasture area? These do come up from time to time, but are not very common for rentals.

A suggestion - search for pasture for rent Walla Walla

Need answers about your rights as a renter
Move recently? Need to get an address change filed with the post office?
Do it online! Click here
Credit information that is really 100% FREE This article tells you how to obtain a free credit score, free credit report and get free daily credit monitoring with no credit card information required.
ESTIMATED Utility costs based on type of housing as published by our local Housing Authority. Used to determine Fair Market Rents for Housing Vouchers as well. CLICK HERE (PDF format)

Utility contact info.:

Electric -

Pacific Power: 888-221-7070
Columbia REA: 800-642-1231

Gas -

Cascade Gas: 888-522-1130

City of Walla Walla (Water,Sewer,Garbage):


City of College Place (Water,Sewer)


Garbage/Recycling -

Basin Disposal


Bundles for TV/Internet/Phone:

Charter (Internet & Phone)


Century Link

(DirecTV & Internet)


Pocket-I-net (Cable & Internet)


Internet Providers -

HughesNet 866-347-3292

Blue Mountain Internet 


ISO Networks


Cable Provider -

Spectrum 206-973-8300

Satelite TV -  

DirecTv -  1 (800) 531-5000

Considering Section 8 or Housing Vouchers? Want to see what HUD estimates for Rent amounts?
What amount will the HUD voucher cover for my area? Data is recalculated each September with the next years limitations final in October.
Need to prorate rent for a partial month? Click for a handy calculator from Just plug in your monthly rental amount and a move in date and it will tell you how much!
Many options available for tenant screening services!
My Smart Move
My Screening Report
Apply Connect
Rent Prep
Just google search Residential Background Check and pick the one that suits your needs best!
2012 NEW Legalized marijuana use and possession laws for WA State - How does it affect you as a landlord in your tenant selection process? Read this great article from Moco, Inc.
Commercial background check - Screen the principal as you would a residential client with the Credit & Criminal Check and obtain a Commercial Credit report through Experian.
Did you have a bad renter experience? Want to report it for other Landlords?
The Rent Rite Directory offers a FREE Rental History database for owners and managers to track and record leasing incidents and violations that occur on their property as well as other properties in their community.  Check it out HERE
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Do you have any other questions that you are not finding the answers for here? Just use the 'Contact Us' page to send us a quick message. If we cannot locate the answer, you will be provided some suggestions on who to contact!

Greater Walla Walla area attractions

map from State of WA Dept. of Ecology
YMCA - Offering seasonal programs from Ice Skating to Summer Camp & Roller Derby.
There are more exciting places such as
- Restaurants
- City Parks 
- Local attractions
 with photos - on our Pinterest boards - Follow Bluemtnrentals
Not lacking in things to do, Walla Walla is full of attractions whether it be fun for the kids, taking in a few wine tours or strolling for a walk up and down historic downtown. Fort Walla Walla and the Whitman Mission are big attractions to those living in and around the Walla Walla area, both are rich in history about the early settlers who came to the west.
With activities such as ice skating, bowling, mini golf, and abundant local area parks scattered about town, your're sure to find many family friendly activities to enjoy.
Walla Walla’s climate is fairly mild, with an estimated 300 days of sun a year.   


June 7, 2012, the Fair Tenant Screening Act went into effect for WA State.
Check this blog article from Moco, Inc. and get a FREE worksheet to get your rental criteria set up
From the Tenants Union of WA Website: New Fair Tenant Screening Act Now In Effect

A touchy subject -
Companion and Service Animals in a rental housing setting:
Below are links to a few articles for those interested.
Blue Mountain Rentals Blog article:
Additional articles on Companion and Service pets
Department of Justice Service Animal FAQ 

Links to sites with information about Greater Walla Walla

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