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Blue Mountain Rentals Pricing Information as of 04/01/17

Services and rates are specified below and are subject to change without notice. Blue Mountain Rentals encourages you to contact us for pricing quotes and ad customization.

All pricing is shown per individual listing, also known as unit, unless specifically stated otherwise.

$11 Basic Ad/week - 1 photo, up to 50-word description on this site, specified listing sites and with social media promotion.

$27.50 Featured Ad/week - Yard sign, 10 photos, 100-word description on this site, your property promoted on specified listing sites and with social media promotion. includes 2 flyer links and 10 printed flyers per week delivered to your property.

Run until it Rents Ad.  One time billing fee: Based on an 8-week ad run average. $200 This is a featured ad that will run until you find a qualified tenant. $100 This is a basic ad that will run until you find a qualified tenant. Run until it rents ad package does not include calls, showings, yard sign, reference checks.

Tenant Placement Service - $40 Set up fee first unit, $27.50 set up fee additional units or renewal. Weekly ad billed at $30 includes featured ad package with flyer box, flyers and yard sign. Time for showings, taking calls, screening/reference calls will be billed at $25/hr. at the close of each week. Average showing appointment is 45 minutes. Print ads are not included, but may be added as Ad enhancements. Independent Assistant Agreement required

Consultant Package – Monthly Hands on Consultant Package. Billed at $50 per mo. up to 7 1/2% of monthly rent per unit per month – whichever is greater. Includes property consultation/tour, periodic market rent increases, marketing, showings, applicant screening, lease signing, notices, inspections twice a year, photos/video, monthly reporting and other services as agreed upon between Owner & Blue Mtn Rentals. Blue Mountain Rentals does not negotiate/modify leases or collect rent/deposit payments (Online payments or direct deposit is recommended). Owner is required to provide Renter Criteria, Lease Agreement and list of vendors for repairs/maintenance of properties. Consultant Agreement with Blue Mtn Rentals is required. Please contact us to set up account and sign agreement with owner of Blue Mountain Rentals. We do offer multiple unit discount to property owners with multiple units. (Ex – 3 units at a 1% discount, 5 units at a 2 % discount, up to 25+ units at 10% discount maximum.)

Enhance Your Listing

Local Print Ads:  Union Bulletin 3 line, 3 day ad specific to your property for $30/wk.

                                   Tidbits 20 word ad in print and online for $12/wk.

                                    Recycler ad specific to your property (online only) $7 per week.

 AD enhancements are billed by item: 

$1 per additional photo – up to 10 per listing

$7.50 video tour link – Uploaded to Blue Mtn Rentals Youtube Channel

$2 for 25 additional words – Up to 150 word description

$1.50 Basic - For Rent Sign

 $2.50 Small yard sign directing people to Blue Mtn Rentals

$7.50  Large yard sign directing people to Blue Mtn Rentals

$7.50 On site flyer box (does not include flyers).

$7.50 Property Flyers (25 per week) You pick up

$15 Property Flyers (25 per week) We deliver  


Miscellaneous Services provided at hourly costs or Add on Features by item

All services shown below are billed at a rate of $25/hr.

On-site property consultation, photo/video shoot and rental market analysis in person - 1 hr. approx.

Taking calls & setting Appointments for viewing of your rental property - Approx. 45 min. per showing.

Property Inspection, Move in/out Inspection – Approx. 1 hr.

Preparing and posting notices at designated property site location – Approx. 1 hr.


All services are charged current State of Washington Sales Tax Rate – 8.7% College Place, WA Rate.

Late fees or NSF charges will be applied as set forth on the Legal Info & Policies Page of our website.

Samples below are provided to show you how your rental listing may appear on
Blue Mountain Rentals website

Please feel free to contact us about any questions or suggestions for
these changes using the "Contact Us" page. We welcome your feedback!

Rentals sorted by Rent then Rooms                                    |   Description of rental if provided                                             |  Photo of rental if provided

Basic package Sample ad $10/wk.

123 Main St. Walla Walla, WA

2 bd. 1 bath, Duplex, 900Ft²

$875/mo. $675 Deposit. Month to Month

Available - 10/01/2012

No pets, No smoking, Screening Req.

Call 509-555-1234 for information

Click HERE to place your listing now.

Featured package Sample ad $25/wk

123 Main St. Walla Walla, WA

3 bd. 1 bath, Duplex, 900Ft²

$1200/mo. $975 Deposit 6 mo. lease

Available - 10/01/2012

No pets, No smoking, Screening Req.

Call 509-555-1234 for information

Click HERE to place your listing now.

50 word description goes here. 

If you do not have a prewritten ad, we will create one with listing submission form details. You have final approval before the ad goes live and may make changes. Includes 1 photo and a link to a printable flyer - used to promote your rental. Mention items that help your rental stand out from others on the market.








150 word description here. Your text or an ad we create using details from the listing submission form. You have final approval and may make changes. Mention items to help your rental stand out from others on the market. 10 photos in slideshow and a link to a printable flyer








All listings for residential rental properties are subject to the Fair Housing Act, which generally makes it unlawful to make or publish any advertisement that indicates any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin,handicap or familial status.

Blue Mountain Rentals will not knowingly accept advertisements that include any unlawful preference, limitation or discrimination.

Removed from promotion 10/01/12

456 Main St. Walla Walla, WA
1 bd. 1 bath 650 Ft² House $700/mo. $700 Deposit.

Removed from promotion 10/01/12

456 Main St. Walla Walla, WA
1 bd. 1 bath 650 Ft² House $700/mo. $700 Deposit.