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Rental Market Analysis Report
Do you fit into one of these categories?
     * Just received notice a tenant is moving
          If you're like most landlords, you receive warning that a tenant
          is moving with 20 days notice. With the average rental
          vacancy being available on the market for 3-5 weeks, this may
          not allow you enough time to track the trends & market
          research for your rental property to price it competitivley.
     * First time landlord
Are you getting into rental property investment, did you just acquire an extra home that you did not expect, or do you need to relocate and want to keep this home for the future. In any of these scenarios, you may feel lost as to what rentals are going for nowadays. If you're like many homeowners, you have not paid rent since College, so you may not even know where to start.
   * Weighing the idea of renting versus selling a home
Have you found yourself contemplating the pluses and minuses of
renting versus selling a home? While it is easy to find an appraiser to
value a home for sale, there are not many local resources that keep an
eye on the rental market to let you know what has been happening.
Blue Mountain Rentals checks the market daily and can help YOU...
   * Thinking of raising rates on your rental & need to know how the market is doing?
Whether your current rental has been filled for 6 months or 6 years, that time comes when you
ask - Could I be charging more rent? With constant cost of living increases, it may be likely that
your long term rental may be due for a slight rate increase - without losing your current renter.
Because rental property is an investment, you want to make sure you are getting the highest
return possible. With the FREE rental market analysis, it will allow you to see the high end and
low end of comparable properties and let you adjust accordingly.
Whatever category you fit in, we can help.

Click here for your FREE Rental Market Analysis!
Fill out the form or call today to get your FREE results. Turn around is 1 business day or less.

Blue Mountain Rentals our resources to give you a price range for rental housing based on todays vacancies in your properties nearby location. 
The detailed report analyzes nearby rentals both historically and currently on the market to see what the trend has been. The data  provided will allow you to determine what price you want your rental to be when you list it. This will keep you from pricing too low and not getting your potential maximum return on investment or pricing too high and pricing yourself out of the market completely.

Why am do we provide this valuable information for free?
We hope that by providing helpful tools, you will choose our promotion & listing services when you have a vacant property to market.
Does that mean I have to list
my properties with Blue Mountain Rentals?
Absolutely not. This is a free tool with no obligation. While you may receive a future email from me from time to time, there is always an option to opt out of our email marketing campaigns. 

Factual Tidbit - As printed in the Union-Bulletin Business Monthly April 2012, according to MORI Research 2009, Newspapers are still the number 1 medium that shoppers use at 59%, compared to TV ads 38%, Search engines 18% and general internet sites at 15%. Blue Mountain Rentals uses print and online ads with the Union-Bulletin and occasionally Tidbits to promote listings on a regular basis, because typically the first place that house hunters look is the local newspaper classifieds...